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You may be having a hard time seeing the light at the end of the tunnel after an on-the-job injury. Between arguing with insurance companies and dealing with doctors, it may seem as though your life has been turned upside-down. Workers’ compensation benefits were designed to help people injured at work with monetary benefits and medical care. The process of obtaining these benefits is not always easy, and the stress of juggling bills while waiting on the benefits only adds salt to your already painful wounds. If this sounds familiar to you, let the compassionate staff at Anderson Larson provide some peace of mind. We have more than 130 years’ combined experience helping Minnesotans fight for full and fair compensation.

Helping clients understand the different types of workers’ compensation benefits

Minnesota workers’ compensation law requires all employers to purchase workers’ compensation insurance or to become self-insured. Workers’ compensation covers injuries or illnesses caused or made worse by work or the workplace. If a doctor confirms your injuries to be work-related, you should be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, provided your employer carries the workers’ compensation insurance as required by law. Benefits are paid regardless of any fault of either the employer or employee and provide financial support for the following:

  • Your medical care related to the injury
  • Wage-loss benefits for part of your income loss
  • Benefits for permanent damage to a body function
  • Benefits to your dependents if you die because of a work injury
  • Vocational rehabilitation services if you cannot return to your job or to the employer you had before your injury
  • Travel mileage to obtain medical treatment and to participate in certain vocational rehabilitation activities

Our workers’ compensation and personal injury lawyers are prepared to assist you in securing the financial support you need in this difficult time and can also provide assistance if you are permanently disabled and can’t work.

Helping Minnesota workers get workers’ compensation benefits

If you are injured on the job, it is important not to hesitate in reporting your injury to your supervisor. Failing to act promptly may result in losing your right to workers’ compensation benefits. Employers have 10 days from learning of a lost-time claim to report it to their insurance company.

After you have reported the injury, an experienced, aggressive Minnesota worker’s compensation attorney can provide valuable advice. Failing to properly file your claim can result in unnecessary delays and keep you from receiving the benefits to which you are entitled.

Working around preexisting conditions to pursue your claim

In Minnesota, employers must take their employees as they find them. In other words, a preexisting condition is not a bar to a workers’ compensation claim. If you reinjure or aggravate a preexisting condition, you can still raise a workers’ comp claim. Absent evidence that your re-injury or aggravation was not work-related, you should be entitled to receive workers’ comp benefits.

Appealing your workman comp claim to get the benefits you deserve

If your workers’ comp claim is denied or your employer refuses to cooperate, an experienced workers’ comp attorney can elevate your case to the next level. If your claim was denied after an administrative hearing, we can appeal to the Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Court of Appeals (WCCA), which is an independent agency of the executive branch of the Minnesota state government.

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